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 -direct translantion from french to english is "HEALTHY".

Live Sante is more than a functional fitness gym.  We strive to make you the healthiest you possible.  We take your health goals and assist in achieving those goals.  At Live Sante, we combine a unique diet plan with intense workouts to help you obtain your goal.  We want you to Live Healthy and thrive.      


Classes are an hour long with stretching, warm ups, and high intensity workouts.  Each day will be a different workout with different movements.  Majority of our workouts are Crossfit style workouts.  After class you are more than welcome to stay and work on whatever is lacking such as Squats, Oly lifts, Abs, Stretching, or whatever may need working.   


At Live Sante, we understand that diet is key to reaching goal.  Diet controls every aspect of life, from energy to burn during strenuous  workouts, fuel to speed up slowing metabolisms, to controlling illnesses such as diabetes and obesity.  Everybody is different and will be affected differently by food.  This is why we have many diet plans to choice from such as keto, carb cycling, high carb, paleo, and many more.  Each diet plan comes with a tracker to help you stay on track.

3433 Mills Street 

Canrecro, La 70520